Thursday, August 16, 2012

Life Lately {from the iPhone}

Over the last 10 days the following things have occurred: Aubree started "school" {aka daycare}, football season is officially underway, inservice started, classroom organization and choas, family pictures taken, football program pictures taken, and the list goes on and on...

Whew!!! I'm tired and school hasn't even started yet!

Through all of the chaos our little baby girl has started to roll over {belly to back}. It is so exciting watching her learn new things and reach these milestones. 

With Aubree starting school I have just been an emotional wreck! The first day was so hard on me and as each day past it got easier and easier. This is her on one of our first days home together to our last day hone together before I started working full time.

So family pictures were pretty eventful. As you know, Aubs has reflux pretty bad. We decided to take the pictures at 8:00 because the Texas heat is so bad. As we were snapping away Aubree had a huge spit up all over the downtown streets of Nacogdoches and the back of my dress. I smelt fabulous! With that happening I still think they turned out great! 

Eventually she said "enough is enough"!!!

She sure looked cute though!

And here is my classroom choas to organization.

Hello fall, Hello craziness in the Laymance household!

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