Monday, December 31, 2012

Ringing in the new year...

This past year was nothing short of fabulous! God has blessed us in so many ways this year and we are truly grateful.

Crazy to think just one year ago we were a family of 2 1/2. I was 5 months pregnant. :)

In April of this year were blessed with our precious baby girl Aubree Kate Laymance. She has brought so much joy and happiness to our family. Seems like just yesterday she was this tiny.

So many wonderful things have happened this year, but here are a few of our biggest moments.

We have had...

First smiles.

Scotty celebrated his first Father's Day.

Aubrees first Halloween.

Aubree's first Thanksgiving.

First family photos.

Aubree's first Christmas.

And most fun of all is watching our baby girl grow developmentally and intellectually. We are thankful for her health and happiness.

I wish for continued good health and happiness for our family. Happy new Year!

Friday, December 28, 2012

A little holiday cheer...

I have been anticipating Our first Christmas as a family of 3 since the day I found out I was pregnant. I was looking forward to all of the family time, presents, traditions, and wonderful memories.

Aubree's first Christmas was so wonderful and memory filled, so much I can't wait till next year!!

One of the traditions of Christmas is making cookies for Santa. I couldn't wait to do this with Aubree, and of course she had to help!

Since I was little we have always gotten to open one presents on Christmas Eve and it was always new holiday pajamas. So Aubree had to get in on the jamma time fun! :) Her Christmas pajamas were precious! Love the ruffles.

I knew Aubree was going to get TONS of presents, but OMGoodness!! she got so much cool stuff! The mound of gifts was a reassurance of how blessed we are to have the family we do.

Oh! And she was a pro at opening them!

This is one of her favorite toys... Ellee the Elephant that blows balls in the air. :)

This Christmas was so wonderful. One of my favorite quotes comes to mind when I think about it.
"Don't cry that it's over, smile because it happened."

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Seven On 11-27

So Aubree turned 7 months!! Yes, I said 7 months!! Can I just tell you that I LOVE this age. She is the sweetest, funniest, cutest thing ever! She is such a happy baby and we are so blessed to have her in our lives. Happy 7 months Aubree Kate!

Aubree's 7 month favorite things to do:
Roll over.
Sit up by herself.
Laugh out loud {especially when Daddy tickles her}.
{try} to drink from her sippy cup.
Put her bottom in the air and rock back and forth. {she will be crawling in no time}.
Pull of her {right} sock.

Aubree is now eating level 2 foods, 3-6 month clothes, size 2 diapers and at her last appointment she weighed 13.1 lbs! Love her little petite self! :)

Her next monthly birthday will be right after Christmas!!! Can't wait to open all of her gifts with her!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Santa Loves Me.

It's Christmas time!!! I could not be more excited! I love Christmas and everything about it. Of course Aubree is too young for the 25 days of Christmas giving or Elf on the Shelf, but there is still so much be excited about! One thing being Christmas pictures, of course!!

I just love this one!

One of many first exciting things I couldn't wait to do when I found out I was expecting was our first family Christmas card! I can't wait to design them and find the right picture for it!

Here is peek into some of our Christmas family pictures!

This one I love.
She is the best present to our family!

So precious!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

One Half

Aubree is 1/2 this month!! She is growing and changing so much everyday.

Can't believe her first birthday bash is in 6 months! Better get to planning and making!

She has such a fun personality. 
 Her 6 month favorites are:

Green Beans
Her rattle
Rolling over and over and over
Sitting in your lap
Watching football with daddy
Sputtering her lips
AND her most favorite is sticking out her tongue.

This coming Wednesday is Halloween!
Because Halloween falls in the middle of the week and she is so young we opted out on a Halloween costume and got this cute little outfit for her to wear to school and the trunk or treat.

The other day I was looking through the mail I saw an envelope addressed to Aubree. It was such a cute surprise. We opened it together and inside was her first Halloween card from Nana and Papa.

She also made some fun Halloween set at school this past week! Love.

Yes, her feet are tiny. Newborn size to be exact. :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

I absolutely love this time of year... cooler weather, family, and PUMPKINS!!! Here is a little peek into our day at the pumpkin patch.

I had such a fun day with Aubree at the pumpkin patch! She is such a joy! We are so blessed to have her in our lives.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Give me 5!

Happy 5 months to sweet little Aubs!! Goodness this is going by so fast! Just so precious!

She had her last doctors appointment a little after her 4 month birthday. She weighed 11.13 lbs. and was 22 1/2 inches long. We're still in our 3-6 months clothes, but she can still wear some 0-3 month clothes too.

She has been rolling from belly to back for some time now, but she is getting so close to rolling from back to belly. She can get her top half twisted around, but the bottom half won't quite make it all the way around. :)

And of course she still LOVES hanging out with her daddy! Who could blame her?!?

Well football season is well underway way by now! It's one of my favorite seasons because that means that fall is here! I'm am ready for some cooler weather. Now that the weather is cooling off a bit maybe Aubs can go to some of daddy's games before it gets too cold.

A few weeks ago they took school pictures... I can't wait to see them!!

A friend of mine watched her the other night while I had open house at my school. She has a 5 year old who is just the cutest thing ever! She made "baby Aubree" this adorable card! How sweet!!

Another month has past already! I can't believe it! We're on our way to be 1/2 a year old! Please time, slow down just a little!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tiny Toes :)

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE Aubree's daycare! They are just all so fabulous! Not too long ago the "infant curriculum" was sent home. PRECIOUS!

 [For some reason it wouldn't turn}

They have everything from baby massages to craft time! 
This past Friday when I picked her up their artwork was hanging outside of their classroom door! It was all so precious! Here is Aubree's first artwork from school!

Of course, it went straight to the fridge! I just love it!

After of looking at her beautiful artwork over and over because I couldn't get enough I noticed that her feet looked just about the same size as they did when they stamped them at the hospital. And sure enough, they are. Just tiny little toes!

Sadly, this past Friday she also had to get her 4 month shot. :( She was such a trooper! Just cried for a bit!
Because of her shots and a little cough she has has recently got, she was just wasn't feeling herself so we decided to take it easy this weekend.

A few days ago I got her a new book, so we did a little reading on this lazy weekend. So sweet!

I love spending time with my nuggles!