Thursday, June 27, 2013

Just a couple of beach bums.

So Scotty and I have been married for 4 years and have only been on one vacation... And that was our honeymoon!!! Holy dang! We were in need of a little getaway, so my family and I packed up our swimsuits and headed to the beach!! 

 How cute is she?!?!?  OHMYWORD!! I couldn't get enough of her in her swimsuit with her shades and graham cracker crumbs. She was loving the ocean as long as there was no sand on her body...anywhere!! {yes, at the beach and didn't want sand to get on her sunscreen covered body...yeah right!} 


Does she not look like she is loving life right about now or what?? She was loving daddy pulling her down the beach in the wagon. Precious!!



                                                              Such a daddy's girl!

One of the days while we were in Gulfport we decided to take a quick day trip down to New Orleans or NOLA as some may call it! 😄 Beside eating a beignet at Cafe Du Monde {OMG!!! delicious!!!} 

one of the other things we had on the agenda was to visit the Autobon Aquarium of the Americas. It was AWESOME! Aubree was in LOVE with all of the creatures!! 

                                                                    WOW Daddy!!!!




      It was a wonderful vacation with a lot of memories made! A great way to start the summer!!! 


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