Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tiny Toes :)

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE Aubree's daycare! They are just all so fabulous! Not too long ago the "infant curriculum" was sent home. PRECIOUS!

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They have everything from baby massages to craft time! 
This past Friday when I picked her up their artwork was hanging outside of their classroom door! It was all so precious! Here is Aubree's first artwork from school!

Of course, it went straight to the fridge! I just love it!

After of looking at her beautiful artwork over and over because I couldn't get enough I noticed that her feet looked just about the same size as they did when they stamped them at the hospital. And sure enough, they are. Just tiny little toes!

Sadly, this past Friday she also had to get her 4 month shot. :( She was such a trooper! Just cried for a bit!
Because of her shots and a little cough she has has recently got, she was just wasn't feeling herself so we decided to take it easy this weekend.

A few days ago I got her a new book, so we did a little reading on this lazy weekend. So sweet!

I love spending time with my nuggles! 

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